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BA Applied English

About the Programme

The B.A. Applied English programme focuses on the core skills a student needs to build a solid English foundation. The focus is on developing communicative ability in English, including core listening, speaking, reading and writing with integrated grammar and vocabulary. The course is designed as per the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • This programme will also help in preparation for IELTS programme.
  • Applicants must have completed Grade XI (11 years of compulsory education)

In the B.A. English programme, students will improve their

  • Confidence communicating in English in a variety of everyday situations in small group activities and lively classroom discussions.
  • Speaking fluency and accuracy.
  • Listening, reading and speaking for daily communication, discussions and presentations.
  • Writing skills for well-structured sentences.
  • Grammar and vocabulary in context.
  • Active vocabulary for a wide variety of themes
Programme Structure

Semester I (Basic skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper - Basic skills in Listening (L)

  • 2nd Paper- Basic skills in Speaking (S)

  • 3rd Paper- Basic skills in Reading (R)

  • 4th Paper- Basic skills in Writing (W)

Semester II (Advanced skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Advanced skills in Listening (L)

  • 2nd Paper- Advanced skills in Speaking (S)

  • 3rd Paper- Advanced skills in Reading (R)

  • 4th Paper- Advanced skills in Writing (W)

Semester III (Advanced skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics

  • 2nd Paper- Introduction to Contrastive Linguistics

  • 3rd Paper- History of English

  • 4th Paper- Approaches to Language Study OR Sociolinguistic

Semester IV (Advanced skills in LSRW) - COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Language in the Workplace

  • 2nd paper- Commutation across Cultures OR Syntax

  • 3rd Paper- Globalisation: Culture, Language and Nation State

  • 4th Paper- Introduction to Ethnography

Semester V (Advanced skills in LSRW) - COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- English as a Global Language

  • 2nd Paper- Language testing and assessment in Society

  • 3rd Paper- Multilingualism

  • 4th Paper- Sound and voice OR syntax-Studying Language structure

Semester VI (Advanced skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Language teaching Theory and Practice

  • 2nd Paper- Public service Interpreting

  • 3rd Paper- translation-Theory and Practice

  • 4th Paper- Writing in a Second Language

Semester VII (Advanced skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Introduction to British English

  • 2nd Paper- Advanced Syntax

  • 3rd Paper- Second Language Acquisition

  • 4th Paper- Dissertation in English Language and Linguistic-I

Semester VIII (Advanced skills in LSRW)- COURSE TITLE

  • 1st Paper- Dissertation in English Language and Linguistic - II (Final )

  • 2nd Paper- Audio Visual Translation

  • 3rd Paper- Language of Humor

  • 4th Paper- Language and Power

Fee Details
Fee Per Year (In USD) Fee Per Year (In soʻm) Fee Per semester(In USD) Fee Per semester(In soʻm)
4000 40,463,080 2050 20,861,640.50
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  • Meticulously designed curriculum with deliberations from top professionals and academic bodies with an aim to nurture industry ready employable workforce.
  • Eminent faculty from renowned Universities from all around the world.
  • Focus on stimulating high-end technological research and analysis skills among students.
  • Opportunity to participate in a full-time internship semester or summer away from campus to gain international exposure
  • Special emphasis on Start-Ups and promoting entrepreneurship through various programmes.
  • International Immersion Programme with leading Universities of the world for student exchange and research.
  • A judicious blend of theory & practical experience to give students a well-rounded learning experience.

Sharda University Uzbekistan has established following changes of scholarship conditions for the Academic year of 2020-2021. Only those applicants, who indicated their desire to win the scholarship at the point of application to the University, will be considered for Sharda University Uzbekistan scholarship programme.

Everyone has the right to quality education without any exceptions. Sharda University strongly believes that the shortage of money should never stand in the way of a student with innovative ideas and a desire for receiving an education. We grant monetary support and scholarships to bright students depending on their academic accomplishments.

Upto 100% Scholarship is offered:

30% 5-5.5 5.0-B1 35-59 36-42 B1
40% 6-6.5 6.0-B2 60-93 50-58 B2
50% 7-7.5 C1 94-109 65-73 C1
100% 7.5-ABOVE C2 110-120 79-86 C2
Entry requirements for BA- Applied English Programme:
  • Students should have a minimum of 11 years of school education.
  • Students who are not able to qualify the Sharda University Scholarship Admission Test (SUSAT) can enrol in this programme.
  • Students who have scored less than 5.0 in IELTS are eligible for this programme.  
  • Fill in the Online Application Form
  • Appear for Sharda University’s Scholarship & Admission Test – (SUSAT-2020)
  • Qualified Students will have to visit University Campus for final Interview & documentation


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Our Admissions Counsellors are here to guide you through the application process. They are extremely knowledgeable about the programmes on offer and can arrange for you to meet with faculty members to ensure that you make the right choice for your future career.

Important Dates

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Why Study at Sharda

  • The 1st independent private university in Uzbekistan that’ll become gateway for students from Eurasia.
  • Over 250 collaborations with international institutions under Free Tuition Fee Programmes/ Semester Exchange.
  • Join top researchers and scientists who have published over 25,000 research papers and publications.

  • Wide range of future-focused degree programs. Numerous minor subject options enable students to tailor degree based on their own interests and strengths.
  • Students get a unique opportunity to pursue a semester abroad at zero tuition fees at top ranked foreign universities.
  • To be industry ready, students are offered six month internship opportunity at leading organisations.


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    Sonam Sree

    Studying at Sharda was an amazing journey. Sharda is a platform from where I started my new journey and feel blessed to be a part of School of Education of Sharda University

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    Shruti Arya

    Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man. This is what I realised at Sharda University. Sharda is the best university. Sharda gave me a platform where I could bring out my latent talent and hidden capabilities. For this, I would like to thank my professors, especially Dr. Rainu Gupta ma'am whose endless support and guidance nourished my mind, empowered my soul and molded my personality. Thanks Sharda in accomplishing and assisting me in ultimate aim of education - self realisation and self-expression.

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    Saman Rizvi

    I had a wonderfully enriching learning experience in Sharda University. The faculties are experts in their field and were more than ready to always guide me through everything. They gave me an opportunity to excel in my field and to better my best in what I am doing now as a teacher. Cant thank all my teachers enough, for their endless efforts for enabling me to take out the Best out of myself and strive through for becoming a good educator myself.

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    Purn Bhadra Goswami

    Sharda University has great ambience for teaching & learning. It emphasize not only educational development but also physical and cognitive development. All teachers are well qualified and skilled to incorporate self- learning and prepare us for good career and responsible citizen. Particularly to my department, merely  observation of their teaching styles give idea what the teaching- learning should be. Curriculum is so comprehensive that it leaves no stone unturned to make you a effective and skillful teacher. I am very grateful to Sharda University to offer me such opportunity to learn with international standard.