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Sharda University Uzbekistan has received the "License" (No. OT 0034) from the State Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Admission Process

Prospective students who are seeking to take admissions in Sharda University Uzbekistan for current academic year in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Faculty of Management, and Faculty of Humanities should have completed minimum 11 years of education and must have a good IETLS/equivalent Score. All programmes are taught in English language by eminent faculties. Sharda University offers Hons. programme for bright students who are seeking to pursue their higher education in international universities. They will also have to follow the same admission process.


For Undergraduate Programme:

  • Students need to have minimum IETLS/equivalent Score 5.0 to apply for all UG programmes.
  • Students who have scored more than IELTS 5.0 and cleared the Sharda University Scholarship Admission Test will be awarded scholarship by this grid.
  • Sharda University Scholarship Admission Test (SUSAT) will be done in 3 phases.


1. Personal Information: Applicant must fill in the electronic application on his/her information and must upload required documents.

  • Name, Surname and Given Name
  • Birth Day/Month/Year
  • Passport details
  • Permanent address
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Valid contact number (mobile phone and home phone)
  • Passport (including permanent registration page of the passport) in PDF format
  • Photo (3.5X4.5 sized) in JPEG format.

2. Parents’ information: Applicant must fill in all required fields with the information of his/her parents and one contact person in an emergency:

  • Full name of parents
  • Permanent address
  • Valid contact number (mobile phone and home phone)
  • E-mail address (if available)
  • Emergency contact.

3. Required documents: Applicants need to upload scanned copies of the following documents while registering online in PDF format:

  • Official letter to Rector
  • Passport (including permanent registration page of the passport)
  • Diploma and the transcripts with notarized translation into English, IETLS/equivalent English Test
  • Photo (3.5X4.5 sized) in JPEG format

Contract issuance: Contract issuance days will be announced at Applicants should collect the contract at Sharda University Andijan campus within the set schedule after the exam results are released. The due date for the payment of contract is within seven banking days from the day of issuance the contract. Applicant who fails to collect the contract or fails to make the payment within 7 banking days from the date of contract issuance in the amount of 50%, the contract becomes void and will not be reissued to the same applicant.

Applicants must submit original copies of the following documents to collect the contract:

  • Official letter to Rector
  • 2 photocopies of passport (with permanent registration)
  • Diploma and transcripts of the General Education from a Secondary School, Academic Lyceum or Professional College
  • Sharda application form (personal information form)
  • IETLS/equivalent English proficiency test (original)
  • Medical certificate
  • Photocopy of military recruit registration card (male applicants)
  • 6 photos (3.5X4.5 sized)