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Sharda University Uzbekistan has received the "License" (No. OT 0034) from the State Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Centre of Excellence in
Enterprise, Investment and Trade Promotion

India and Uzbekistan have historical and friendly relationship since decades. The convergence of history, cultural diversity, deep rooted economic and political relations bring these countries together. Learning from the experience of ancient silk route which provided profound base for manufacturing, trade and commerce, merchandise; there is enough potential to re-invent the principles of collaboration and converge in the domains of economic and educational endeavours.

Establishment of the Sharda University Uzbekistan (SUUz) has already ushered an era of quality and holistic international education in Uzbekistan. Through well-conceived programmes and curricula, international faculty, quality teaching and mentoring, Sharda University Uzbekistan has already created benchmark of quality education in the country.

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