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Sharda University Uzbekistan has received the "License" (No. OT 0034) from the State Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Message from the Chancellor

As the Chancellor of Sharda University, I have both the opportunity to provide forward-looking leadership and to ensure that Sharda becomes a model of excellence in education for the country in the years to come.

If I had to state what differentiates Sharda University, I would without a doubt say that it is how we bring together incredibly diverse groups of students from 95+ countries and global faculty in an intensive learning experience. Moreover, Sharda gleans great advantage from its valuable industry network, which equips our students with essential knowledge and skills to excel in today's highly competitive world.

Although we offer 216 programmes in a variety of academic disciplines, our goal is your success. All our programmes focus on professional fields with strong current and future prospects to provide a degree that works for you. And, we surround you with a supportive and helpful academic community to encourage your personal growth and success.

I welcome you to be a part of this amazing experience!


A leading educational reformer who has given a new direction to the teaching methodology practiced across the country, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta is the Chairman of Sharda Group of Institutions. Sharda University is set to achieve new heights in the education world with its global outlook and international faculty. Bringing his dream into reality, in 1995, he established the Sharda Education Trust under which he opened up an engineering college in 1996 in Agra, well known as Hindustan Institute of Science & Technology. In 1997, he opened up a second college for students of management and computer science by the name of Hindustan Institute of Management & Computer Studies.

Having been involved in the education industry, he delved deep to understand the lack-lustre output of the industry. This unveiled many facts, like the fact that the examination system only tested the memory rather than testing the intelligence of the students and the fact that teachers only incorporated theoretical knowledge in the classrooms and were exposed to the practical knowledge prevailing outside in the market. Hence, an education system which would inculcate an application based approach in the young students, envigored the thought of opening up educational institutions which would focus more on nurturing the talent and developing curiosity in young individuals, in his mind. Looking at the huge response and demand for colleges, he opened up Anand Engineering College in 1998 and Babu Mohanlal Arya Smarak (BMAS) Engineering College in 1999. He also realized that the custom of not providing higher education to a girl child was still prevailing. As a result of his devotion towards his mother Sharda Gupta, he decided to grant 90% scholarship to girls whose families could not afford to pay their tuition fee. With this step, 70% of admissions were given to girls in 1999. Since then, he made it a point to give out donations and charity only for the education of girls.

Key Attributes That Make Him a Leader
  • In 2000, Anand College of Pharmacy was established to diversify into other areas of education.

  • By 2005, the first of its kind Faculty Development Institute was set up in the Greater Noida Campus.

  • Between 2005 to 2008 few more colleges were added into the group under different disciplines like Hindustan Institute of Dental Sciences, Hindustan Business School, Hindustan Institute of Technology, HAERT, and Hindustan Institute of Allied Health Sciences & Research.

  • With a view of providing health facilities to the population, a 1200 bed Multi-speciality Corporate Hospital named as Sharda Hospital was set up in 2006 in the 63 acre campus in Greater Noida.

In 2001, Mr. P.K. Gupta was bestowed with the Udyog Ratna award and a year later with the Uttar Pradesh Ratna award.