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What is LEARN & EARN Program?

The Learn & Earn Program is a great way to combine work and a university education. The Program also gives a chance to discover new aspects of global corporate culture, and provides practical job experience that can be very attractive to future employers. This will help foster sense of initiative, teamwork, problem-solving, organizational and communication skills.

This program is a great way to help pay for your education while gaining invaluable experience by working part-time. By participating in the Learn & earn Program you will learn work skills that are transferable to future career paths.

Key takeaway:

- Work for 3 months in U.S. or Germany
- Get a chance to earn money
- Learn American & German culture
- Establish life-long relationships with Americans & Germans as well as with other program participants from countries all over the world


Approval Body (Rector)

Mr. Sanjay Pal

Overall Department In-Charge

Dr. Manoj Verghese

Senior Assistant of Vice Rector

Mr. Inomiddin Bahriddinov
Mob: +998 90 526 1234

Head of the Program Coordinator

Mr. Davron Akbarov


University students who can demonstrate sufficient proficiency in English may apply for this program which allows them to work and learn about American culture during their summer holidays.
Knowing German language is an added advantage for Germany but it is not mandatory. This program is open to students who are pursuing degrees at Sharda University Uzbekistan.

LEARN & EARN Participants Must:
  • Be able to speak English sufficiently well to succeed in an English‐only speaking environment;
  • Have successfully completed at least one semester or equivalent
  • Be able to complete the program within three months and return before the start of the new semester
  • Sufficient funds for the first three months

In order to ensure all university students in Uzbekistan can participate in the LEARN & EARN Program. If you are issued a J‐1 visa, you can travel to the U.S. after your classes have finished. You must return to Uzbekistan before your classes start again.

Final year students who will graduate this year are eligible to take part in this program during the school's major academic break immediately following their graduation, as long as they apply to participate in the LEARN & EARN program prior to graduation. There is no age limit to participate in the program.

  • The Application is a formal process of applying for LEARN & EARN to the University.
  • Interested students fills up the application form in the International student exchange department.
  • The form captures the detail of personal information, a list of necessary documents, undertaking, fees payment policies, tuition & the terms and conditions on which the application will be accepted.
  • Application Form is required to be duly signed by the applicant, parent/guardian, and the coordinator of student exchange program and Registrar.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to furnish genuine and authentic information during the process.