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Master of Business Administration

About the Programme

Sharda University Uzbekistan at Andijan is offering a Full-Time MBA with an analytical focus, for a select and diverse community, presenting all the opportunities you need to reflect, refine, and take risks. A SUUZ MBA is about more than a credential it’s about a new skill level with clarity.

At the intersection of business and technology, we encourage exploring the future of work. We pick the minds to kick start local economies in the developing world.

For students, this means different kinds of opportunities, hands-on learning, global experience and a relentless focus on impact.

What will you do with an MBA from Sharda University ?

Imagine the possibilities. What aspirations do you dream of? Creating a new company from scratch? Reinventing a business process of a struggling organization? Solving a pressing social problem? In short, what’s your plan to change the world? Here is the program that makes you ready to see you do just that—and more. 

The Sharda University MBA will be delivered by faculty members with a diverse background including international faculty. The final semester will be with an international internship blended with a capstone course.

Unique Programme Features

  • The curriculum will encourage thinking with an entrepreneurial flavour- both corporate and social.
  • It will impress upon developing change management skills to address intra-organizational entrepreneurship.
  • The first two semesters offer foundation courses along with a mix of basic courses for management skills.
  • MBA Programme of SUUZ has a unique programme feature where four courses are taught by overseas faculty drawn from academia and industry. These courses are taught in fast track workshop mode with in-course evaluation conducted during the course delivery.
  • The other two courses are taught by either local or international faculty depending on the subject area.
  • All students take the mandatory course on Leadership Effectiveness and Development (LEAD) course for 6 credits to initiate their leadership development journey at the university.

Standard Programme Features

  • MBA Programme of SUUZ is a 2-year, 4-semester full-time programme with 120 ECTS.
  • The first two semesters offer foundation courses with a mix of basic management skills.
  • There are two management course groups – decision sciences and strategy with wide choice available to students to choose from these groups.
  • The third and fourth semester offer 4 majors in the areas of specialisation and also two minor electives.
  • The majors are offers in groups with each group consisting of six courses from which four courses are to be chosen by the student opting for that particular area.
  • The Minor Elective group is not bound by course basket pattern. Students can select any two courses offered by the school or other departments of the university after satisfying the pre-requisites for a particular course.
  • The project work and the internship will be undertaken by a student in semester four and will culminate into a report at the end of semester four.
Programme Structure





























Principles of Management


Human Resource Management


Legal Aspects of Business

Strategic Management


Financial Reporting & Analysis


International Business




Organizational Behaviour


Operations Research




Marketing Management


Corporate Finance






Economic Analysis for Business Decisions


Business Research Methods







Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision


Production and Operations Management




Information Technology for Managers






Managerial Communication


Total Personality Development



Industry Readiness









DSC-2, DSC-3


DSC-4, DSC-5, DSC-6, DSC-7, DSC-8, DSC-9


DSC-10, DSC-11, DSC-12, DSC-13





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Fee Details
Fee Per Year (In USD) Fee Per Year (In soʻm) Fee Per semester(In USD) Fee Per semester(In soʻm)
4000 40,463,080 2050 20,231,540
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  • Meticulously designed curriculum with deliberations from top professionals and academic bodies with an aim to nurture industry ready employable workforce.
  • Eminent faculty from renowned Universities from all around the world.
  • Focus on stimulating high-end technological research and analysis skills among students.
  • Opportunity to participate in a full-time internship semester or summer away from campus to gain international exposure
  • Special emphasis on Start-Ups and promoting entrepreneurship through various programmes.
  • International Immersion Programme with leading Universities of the world for student exchange and research.
  • A judicious blend of theory & practical experience to give students a well-rounded learning experience.

Sharda University Uzbekistan has established following changes of scholarship conditions for the Academic year of 2020-2021. Only those applicants, who indicated their desire to win the scholarship at the point of application to the University, will be considered for Sharda University Uzbekistan scholarship programme.

Everyone has the right to quality education without any exceptions. Sharda University strongly believes that the shortage of money should never stand in the way of a student with innovative ideas and a desire for receiving an education. We grant monetary support and scholarships to bright students depending on their academic accomplishments.

Upto 100% Scholarship is offered:

30% 5-5.5 5.0-B1 35-59 36-42 B1
40% 6-6.5 6.0-B2 60-93 50-58 B2
50% 7-7.5 C1 94-109 65-73 C1
100% 7.5-ABOVE C2 110-120 79-86 C2
Entry requirements for MBA Programme:
  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Fill in the Online Application Form
  • Appear for Sharda University’s Scholarship & Admission Test – (SUSAT-2020)
  • Qualified Students will have to visit University Campus for final Interview & documentation


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Our Admissions Counsellors are here to guide you through the application process. They are extremely knowledgeable about the programmes on offer and can arrange for you to meet with faculty members to ensure that you make the right choice for your future career.

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Why Study at Sharda

  • The 1st independent private university in Uzbekistan that’ll become gateway for students from Eurasia.
  • Over 250 collaborations with international institutions under Free Tuition Fee Programmes/ Semester Exchange.
  • Join top researchers and scientists who have published over 25,000 research papers and publications.

  • Wide range of future-focused degree programs. Numerous minor subject options enable students to tailor degree based on their own interests and strengths.
  • Students get a unique opportunity to pursue a semester abroad at zero tuition fees at top ranked foreign universities.
  • To be industry ready, students are offered six month internship opportunity at leading organisations.