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Sharda University Uzbekistan has received the "License" (No. OT 0034) from the State Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality in Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in ensuring a strong resource for economic development of the country. Sharda University established a centre for entrepreneurship development with a commitment to contribute to the enhancement of the entrepreneurial skills among our students and alumni and to "Help people help themselves” through innovation and entrepreneurship

Sharda Launchpad provides a platform for new, small and medium – scale enterprise through skills acquisition activities necessary for the development and management of the enterprise and by being a mediator between our students and industry experts. To understand the enterprise better Sharda LaunchPad emphasises on research that will contribute to entrepreneurial development in India through our short-term programmes, interviews, speaker sessions, competitions, industry interface, mentoring etc.


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    Organizing activities/events/lectures to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the youth.

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    Setting up of an Entrepreneurial Cell, one of the routes via which students can gain access to Sharda LaunchPad.

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    Mentoring by the in-house-faculty and industry experts for budding entrepreneurial students and alumni.

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    Fostering the spirit of competition by nominating Sharda students for various inter and intra-college entrepreneurial contests.

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    Coordinating and providing the live project opportunities for the participants to provide them with industry interface.

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    Facilitating the setup of a Next StartUp / Syncubator/ Xcelerator Center in the institute to incubate budding Startups at different levels of the entrepreneurial trajectory.

How do we Help You


Full Access to Top-of-the-Line Resources

Including cloud computing and storage credits, developer platforms, and payroll software in addition to drop-in office space and legal advice.


Global Networking Opportunities

To mingle with great minds across the globe by cohabitating and sharing ideas worth spreading through Inter-University Incubation Approach.


COE and Industry Exposure

A network of more than 150 corporates to exchange expertise and experiences, speeding up the learning curve.


Expert Industry Mentors

Opportunity to be Guided by 1200+ Global Mentors and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from leading corporates.


Financial Support

Providing funds of upto INR 40Lac to budding entrepreneurs, letting them focus on the development of their ideas without other worries.


Mr. Prashant Gupta

President, Sharda University Uzbekistan and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sharda Group

Mr. Prashant Gupta is the President of Sharda University Uzbekistan. He is also the Founder & CEO of Sharda Tech that provides a comprehensive portfolio of world-class services and solutions for ERP and Digital Marketing.

Mr. Prashant Gupta is the alumni of the very prestigious Nottingham Business School. He has a vast experience in multiple fields of market research, planning business strategy, public relations, and team management. He is among the select young business leaders who have received prestigious honor and recognition from various industry bodies.

Awards & Achievements

Prestigious AsiaOne Magazine awarded Sharda University’s Executive Director Mr. Prashant Gupta as ‘40 Most Influential Asians Under 40’ at a summit held in Singapore recently. The second edition of Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders took place at the Roselle Junior Ballroom of Marina Bay Sands Expo and Conventions Centre.

Mr. Prashant Gupta was awarded for taking Sharda University to completely a new level in the global education sphere with his visionary approach. He was recognized as one of the pioneers from 16 industries and 62 sub-industries of Asia.