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Flexible Credit

Flexible credit system and Inter-disciplinary modes of study

Present day students like to make decisions on their own and plan their future by themselves. Employers expect students to have multi-disciplinary competency plus leadership skills. Both student aspirations and demands of the workplace have become highly diverse. Realising the changing sceanrio and in its endeavour to provide quality education, Sharda University Uzbekistan offers the Fully Flexible Credit System in its academic curriculum.

Students can register for courses of their choice and alter the pace of learning within the broad framework of academic course and credit requirements. It allows students to decide their academic plan and permits students to alter it as they progress through their course. The slot-based timetable, coupled with internet based Course Registration in each semester, helps individual students to choose the course they want to study, time of attending a class and even the teacher. Thus, students can make their own timetable and each student in a class may have a different timetable of his / her own.

Sharda University's Interdisciplinary Studies degree program provides students the opportunity to customize their bachelor's degree to fit personal goals and career objectives.

Salient Features
  • Choice in the order of selection of courses for each semester.
  • Choice in the timings / time slots in the selection of courses.
  • Choice in the selection of number of courses per semester.
  • Choice of preparing own Timetable and Academic Plan.
  • Balanced curriculum with engineering and management courses.
  • Ample opportunities to do inter-disciplinary courses.