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Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Aziz Ismail


Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Aziz Ismail completed his M.Sc. in Computer Science from Faculty of Computer and informatics, Benha University, Benha, Egypt after which he undertook a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in Computer Science and Technology. His research experience includes 14 research publications for SCI and Scopus journal index. Dr. Ismail is an avid taskmaster with a deep understanding of Computer Network, Internet of Things, Data Compression Techniques, Network Security and Artificial Intelligence.

  • (From 01-December-2008 to 27-October-2010) As demonstrator in faculty of science, Computer science department, Benha University, Egypt.
  • (From 28-October-2010 to 29-September 2014) As demonstrator in faculty of computer and informatics, Benha University, Egypt.
  • (From 29-September 2014 to till now) As lecturer Assistant in faculty of computer and informatics, Benha University, Egypt.
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science and Technology
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science (Equivalent to M. Tec In India)
  • B.Sc.(Hons) Computer Science
Award & Recognition

  • Received best paper award three times in different international conferences.
  • Selected as the best lecturer four time in my Egyptians collages.
  • Attendee of CISCO Academic course on behalf of Benha University, Egypt
  • Selected as CISCO instructors.
  • Selected for Ph.D. program outside Egypt with high salary near to 1600$ (110,000 INR) among 500 candidates.


RESEARCH STATEMENT                                                                                                                                                   

During my M.Sc. (M. Tec) I have passed more than 12 subjects on the first year of M.Sc. and then I have started to do my research work entitled with “Improve the performance of Wireless Sensor Networks using Compressive Sensing”. The main objectives on this thesis is to design an energy- efficient protocols to maximize the network lifetime. To achieve this objectives we have published two journal papers one is SCI and one is Scopus journal index and one conference paper. I started my Ph.D. research work in 2016 with entitled “Secure and Energy Aware Mechanism for Internet of Things” with was aimed to address the energy and security IoT challenges. To achieve this aim we utilize the CS method in IoT based sensors network to handle the energy holes problem and prolong the network lifetime. In addition to, we planning to protect our IoT data from the adversary environment with the minimum energy consumption. From 2016 to 2019 we have did 14 research papers five of them have been published on Q1 SCI journals with high impact such JNCA with IF 5.9, IEEE access with IF 4.0, Computer Network with IF 2.7, WPC with IF 1.2 and IET senor with IF 1.2. In addition to some papers have published in Q1 Scopus index journals. In addition to, during our Ph.D. work we have create one IoT platform with monitor and control Air quality for smart home application.

RESEARCH PAPER PUBLISHED AND COMMUNICATED                                                                                       

  1. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Walid Osamy, Ahmed  M.  Khedr,  “Effective algorithm for optimizing compressive sensing in IoT and periodic monitoring applications”,  Journal  of  Network and Computer Applications, Vol. 128, pp. 12-28, 2019 (, SCI, IF 5.999).
  2. Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr, Ahmed Aziz and A. EL-SAWY, “Cluster-Tree Routing Based Entropy Scheme for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks”, IEEE Access, 2018 (SCI, IF 4.09)
  3. Ahmed Aziz and Karan Singh, “Lightweight Security Scheme for Internet of Things”, Wireless Personal Communications, 2018. (, SCI, IF 1.2).
  4. Karishma Singh, Karan Singh, Le Hoang Son and Ahmed Aziz, “Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks by Hybrid Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm”, Computer Networks, March 2018 (SCI, IF 2.7).
  5. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr,“Optimizing Compressive Sensing Matrix using Chicken Swarm Optimization Algorithm,” IET Wireless sensors System, 2019 (SCIE, Scopus).
  6. Ahmed Aziz and Karan Singh, “Adaptive Compressive Sensing Based Routing Algorithm for the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks,” as a chapter in Communication and Computing Systems book, Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2016), Gurgaon, India, 9-11 September, 2016. (Best Paper).
  1. Ahmed Aziz, Ahmed Salim and Walid Osamy, “Efficient Compressive Sensing based Technique for Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks”, INFOCOMP, 2013.

Accepted / Submitted

  1. Ahmed Aziz and Karan Singh, “Data Security Scheme Using Compressive Sensing in IoT based WSNs” , Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, Scoups index. (Accepted)
  2. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Waild Osmay, Ahmed M. Khedr, and AHMED A. EL-SAWY, ‘GWRA: Grey Wolf Reconstruction based Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Signals,” Swarm intelligent, Peerj Computer Science , Scopus journal (Accepted).
  3. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh and Walid Osamy, “Lightweight Simulated Annealing Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Sparse Binary Signals” Proceedings of the 2 nd International Conference on Communication and Computing Systems (ICCCS 2018), Gurgaon, India, 1-2 December, 2018. (Accepted and Awarded for Best Paper)
  4. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh , Le Hoang Son, Walid Osamy, “Compressive Sensing based Routing and Data Reconstruction for Internet of Things”, Computer communication (Submitted).
  5. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr,“Lightweight Compressive Sensing Security Scheme for Internet of Things,” International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, (Submitted).
  6. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Waild Osmay, Ahmed M. Khedr, and AHMED A. EL-SAWY, ‘Energy Efficient Scheme for Data Aggregation in IoT based Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks,” IEEE ACCESS, (Submitted).
  7. Ahmed Aziz, Karan Singh, Walid Osamy, Ahmed M. Khedr,“An Efficient Compressive Sensing Routing Scheme for Internet of Things based Wireless Sensor Networks,” Transaction on internet and information System, (Submitted).


  • CCNA Instructor (By CISCO Academy Egypt).
  • CCNA security Instructor (By CISCO Academy Egypt).
  • ICDL Instructor (By Microsoft Egypt).
  • C++ Instructor (By IBM Egypt).

Area of Interest

  • My research interests include sensor networks
  • Compressive sensing
  • computing
  • wireless networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Optimization Protocols
  • Routing Protocols
  • Data Compression Techniques
  • Network Security and Artificial Intelligence