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SUSAT 2021 Exam Dates

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Computer Science & Engineering

About the Programme

B. Tech in Computer Science & Engineering is a four-year undergraduate programme that provides the students an ability to design a hardware/software system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints.After the successful completion of the programme, a student will be able to function on multi-disciplinary teams, formulate, and solve engineering problems and designing & comparing solutions, algorithms, and protocols.   The programme lays emphasis on Digital Transformation Technologies that focus on building the mathematical and algorithmic concepts of the students.

The curriculum includes knowledge of the operating system, programming language, database, Networking, Software Testing, Software Development, Frontend, Software Development backend, Network Design, Network Management, Database Administrator, Data Analytics, Software Testing and Maintenance, and System Software Development etc.The programme is designed with strong industry linkage to make students industry-ready and offer students adequate flexibility to pursue electives and projects of their choice.

This course is for individuals who...

have critical-thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. This programme is for students who are innovative, and like to take up challenges and enjoy problem-solving using computational techniques.

Students who are looking for..

a career with exceptional prospective fields and a challenging roles in a futuristic industry. The financial security, the freedom to relocate, the long prospects of learning makes this programme an ideal career for computer science enthusiasts.

The Undergraduate (Hons) programmes at Sharda University are designed for those graduate students who wish to extend their education in a specific area of interest. If a student, after successful completion of the degree wants to acquire an internationally recognised qualification (which requires sixteen years of schooling) can opt for an Honours programme of one year. This programme can be earned through independent study, guided projects or industry internships.

Specialization Offered
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • CSE with specialization in Cyber Security and Forensic
  • CSE with specialization in AI & Machine Learning
Programme Structure
Entry After Year I Year II Year III Year IV Year V
Grade XI B.Tech B.Tech (Hons)/PG Dip.
Grade XI Skill Dev. B.Tech  B.Tech (Hons) /PG Dip.
Grade XII Skill Dev. B.Tech B.Tech (Hons) /PG Dip.
Fee Details
Fee Per Year (In USD) Fee Per Year (In soʻm)
3200 33,632,000
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Career Options after degree

Computer Science & Engineering graduates can make a career in areas like:

  • Web Applications
  • Computer Graphics
  • Video Games
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Network Administration
  • Mobile Applications
  • Scientific Modelling
  • Computer Security
  • Database Systems
  • Animation
  • Wireless Network
  • Meticulously designed curriculum with deliberations from top professionals and academic bodies with an aim to nurture industry ready employable workforce.
  • Eminent faculty from renowned Universities from all around the world.
  • Focus on stimulating high-end technological research and analysis skills among students.
  • Opportunity to participate in a full-time internship semester or summer away from campus to gain international exposure
  • Special emphasis on Start-Ups and promoting entrepreneurship through various programmes.
  • International Immersion Programme with leading Universities of the world for student exchange and research.
  • A judicious blend of theory & practical experience to give students a well-rounded learning experience.

Sharda University Uzbekistan has established following changes of scholarship conditions for the Academic year of 2021-2022. Only those applicants, who indicated their desire to win the scholarship at the point of application to the University, will be considered for Sharda University Uzbekistan scholarship programme.

Everyone has the right to quality education without any exceptions. Sharda University strongly believes that the shortage of money should never stand in the way of a student with innovative ideas and a desire for receiving an education. We grant monetary support and scholarships to bright students depending on their academic accomplishments.

Upto 50% Scholarship is offered:


Decision components:-

  1. Sharda University Scholarship and Admission Test [SUSAT]

The duration of the test will be 90 minutes. Candidates will be evaluated on the scale of 75 and the Cutoff marks to pass SUSAT will be 20 marks. There will be objective type questions.


  • SUSAT for ‘Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)’ will have questions on Mathematics, Physics, Logic & Reasoning and English.
  • SUSAT for ‘Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)’ will have questions on English, General Knowledge, General Aptitude and Mathematics.
  • SUSAT for ‘Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Applied English’ will have questions on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking in English language.
  1. English Proficiency

The English proficiency of the candidates will be evaluated either through (i) internationally accepted proficiency tests like IELTS, ESOL, TOEFL, PEARSON, CERF or (ii) Personal Interview. The scores for internationally accepted proficiency tests will be considered as under:-





























The Cutoff scores for the above mentioned proficiency tests are given below:-

Proficiency test






Cutoff score






Candidates not having any English proficiency test result have to undergo Personal Interview. In the Personal Interview, candidates will be evaluated on the scale of 25.


On the scale of 100, Admission Score will be arrived by adding 70% of SUSAT score and 30% of English proficiency score. Candidates need to score minimum 20 marks in SUSAT and minimum 5 bands in IELTS / 15 marks in Personal Interview in order to qualify for admission.

Admission Score = S+E, where

 S = (SUSAT score / 75)*70

If a candidate has international English proficiency test result, his/her score will be mapped with IELTS score as indicated below:-

E = (Score / 9)*30

Else, if a candidate has appeared for Personal Interview, the English proficiency score will be calculated as below:-

E = (PI score / 25)*30


Admission Score

Scholarship Percentage

35.99 – 59.99


60 – 74.99


75 -  84.99


85 – 89.99


90 – 94.99


95 – 100



Students having extraordinary record/ performance in sports or other extra-curricular activities may be considered for Scholarship on submission of the proof of performance. On the overall issue of Scholarship, the decision of the Management will be final. 

Entry requirements for B.Tech/B.Tech(Hons.) programmes

  • You should have completed your Grade XI (11/12 years of compulsory education)
  • Candidate should qualify Sharda University Scholarship & Admission Test (SUSAT-2021)
  • Personal Interview (For Uzbekistan Students)/Online Interview (For International Students)
  • IELTS / equivalent score 5 or higher
  • Fill in the Online Application Form- Apply now
  • Appear for Sharda University’s Scholarship & Admission Test – (SUSAT-2021)
  • Qualified Students will have to visit University Campus for final Interview & documentation


Apply Now


Our Admissions Counsellors are here to guide you through the application process. They are extremely knowledgeable about the programmes on offer and can arrange for you to meet with faculty members to ensure that you make the right choice for your future career.

Important Dates

Why Study at Sharda

  • The 1st independent private university in Uzbekistan that’ll become gateway for students from Eurasia.
  • Over 250 collaborations with international institutions under Free Tuition Fee Programmes/ Semester Exchange.
  • Join top researchers and scientists who have published over 25,000 research papers and publications.

  • Wide range of future-focused degree programs. Numerous minor subject options enable students to tailor degree based on their own interests and strengths.
  • Students get a unique opportunity to pursue a semester abroad at zero tuition fees at top ranked foreign universities.
  • To be industry ready, students are offered six month internship opportunity at leading organisations.


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    Adeeba Fatima

    Sharda University's faculties have put in all the efforts to groom us and make us corporate professionals. It was a wonderful experience at Sharda University.

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    Kanjur Wangdi

    Building my career in Sharda University enriched my life. I can somehow see that my future is totally reliant on the career for which I am grateful to every faculty member.I would say Sharda University is doing a great job though there would be some differences in different departments. they are up to date to the requirement of current job market.

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    Bellinda Franque

    I have been exposed to a heart-warming experience of being part of Sharda University. In here, I found qualified mentors, who guide and coach me, the right equipment to help me achieve my dreams and goals. I am exposed to a world outside through site visits, competitions and direct contact with clients, all of which are essential for helping me build my career. Besides academic values, Sharda University possesses cultural and moral values, as I am able to indulge with the diversity present here, its environment truly gives a feeling of "home".